PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Skills: Passing and Stickhandling

- Player[4] starts forwards without puck - Player[5] on the opposite line starts backwards without a puck (timing) and receives a pass from [6] - [5] passes to [4] while skating backwards and then pivots to forwards getting ready to receive a pass from the other side - [3] times his start skating backwards ready to receive a pass from his line - [4] goes for technical moves at stick/tires and finally takes a quality shot on the net.

The keypoints are:

  • good timing when to leave backwards and coming in to receive a pass from players skating backwards

  • on higher levels ask for direct, tape-to-tape passes (perfect timing)

  • righties use the tire/stick on the right side to dump the pass underneath the stick and pick it up again

  • lefties use the tire/stick on the left

  • righties fake a forehand shot but then do a toe drag move at the 2nd tires before going for a shot on the net

  • lefties fake a forehand shot but then drop shoulders and cut into the center and take a quick shot right after the tire

  • after a while lines start in clock-wise direction and obsticales are moved to the other side in order to switch lefties/righties toe-drag, cuts into the middle moves #pamagoldenknightsacademy #pamagoldenknights #pama #labedahockey #powerslide #reignhockey #pgkablog #hockeycoachvision #pgkacoachscorner

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