The Face off

Pama Golden Knights Academy, formerly known as Rango Pro Camps, was founded in 2020 by the Brazilian player and coach, Pablo Navarro.

PGKA was born out of the value of family, taking a stand against racism and focusing on social inclusion through sport.

With the support of our sponsors and a team made up of people who love the sport and others, PGKA takes hockey to all parts of the world for free.

Our Dream

A britghter future...

Our dream is to bring hockey to all parts of the world. We want to: provide playing opportunities for players and coaches who were not born in "hockey countries"; making social inclusion in hopes it opens doors to leagues and university; deliver a world class coaches program that develops coaches who in return, can spread their knowledge locally within their communities.

Our Mission

... through hockey ...

Our mission is to give back to the sport we love. Adding social inclusion and combating any form of discrimination inside the sport.

Our Vision

... connecting people ...

We believe in people and we believe in the sport of  hockey.

We want to connect these two things together and become the largest social hockey project in the world.

Our Values

... and making it happen.

Respect, lasting relationships

and good deeds.

We are very proud of our team. We invite you to meet them.

Our Golden Knights


Pablo Navarro
CEO/Head Coach

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Michael Friedli
Producer Coach


Dave Hammond
COO/Associate Coach

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Mark Servos
Goalie Coach

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Itan Chavira
Development Coach

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Dampy Brar
Development coach

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Main Virtual Office

Luísa Menin
Business Advisor

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Trish Hammond
Compliance Manager

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Donna Forbes
Program Director

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Wayne Chow
Commercial Director


Felipe Saul
CMO - Marketing

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Luke George

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Pedro Menin
Motion Design

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