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The Face off

Pama Golden Knights Academy, formerly known as Rango Pro Camps, was founded in 2020 by the Brazilian player and coach, Pablo Navarro.

PGKA was born out of the value of family, taking a stand against racism and focusing on social inclusion through sport.

With the support of our sponsors and a team made up of people who love the sport and others, PGKA takes hockey to all parts of the world for free.

Our Dream

A britghter future...

Our dream is to bring hockey to all parts of the world. We want to: provide playing opportunities for players and coaches who were not born in "hockey countries"; making social inclusion in hopes it opens doors to leagues and university; deliver a world class coaches program that develops coaches who in return, can spread their knowledge locally within their communities.

Our Mission

... through hockey ...

Our mission is to give back to the sport we love. Adding social inclusion and combating any form of discrimination inside the sport.

Our Vision

... connecting people ...

We believe in people and we believe in the sport of  hockey.

We want to connect these two things together and become the largest social hockey project in the world.

Our Values

... and making it happen.

Respect, lasting relationships

and good deeds.

We are very proud of our team. We invite you to meet them.

Our Golden Knights


Pablo Navarro
CEO/Head Coach

Why PGKA? >


"This project is the realization of a dream of mine after 38 years of uninterrupted hockey, having served as coach and player in all around of the world, i know the difficulties of the poorest countries in developing  sports like hockey, most athletes do not have money to travel and sometimes not even to survive.

Being able to bring information and see their smiles is priceless, and even better, do all of this with my friends.

Meet My Country >
Michael Friedli
Development Coach



“I have started playing Roller Hockey on the streets in the 1980s on Quad-Roller Skates.

The sport has surely evolved a lot since then and I am still in love with Inline Hockey every day.

I have been involved as a club founder, player, coach and federation board member. It is an honor to share my knowledge with the Inline Hockey community inside the PGKA.”

Meet My Country >
Dave Hammond
COO/Assistant Coach

Why PGKA? >


"Without realizing it I have accumulated more than 25 years of experience in Inline Hockey. I have either played or coached on 6 continents and have had the opportunity to understand how the game is played across the world. I believe it is time I put my knowledge to good use and share it with all who are interested. There is no better feeling than making a difference in someone else's life."

Meet My Country >
Itan Chavira
Development Coach

Why PGKA? >

itan ws.jpeg

I’ve been playing roller hockey for 25 years. To this day, my biggest accomplishment has been playing for Team USA. I have also played in the pro leagues in France and Spain. The game of inline hockey has really taught me valuable life lessons and guided me in completing my life goals. It’s a great sport that can help in many aspects of your life."

Meet My Country >
Dampy Brar
Development coach

Why PGKA? >


Coming soon

Meet My Country >

Main Virtual Office

Luísa Menin
Business Advisor

Why PGKA? >


"I know that inline hockey is currently not the most prestigious sport and I hope to help change that with PGKA. It's an honor to contribute with a project that aims to help inline hockey players around the globe."

Meet My Country >
Trish Hammond
Compliance Manager

Why PGKA? >

trish site.png

“While my husband spends most of the time in the spotlight, I have learned how to organize and successfully grow the sport from a governance point of view behind the scenes. National Team Manager, National Federation Treasurer, National Federation Secretary, National Federation Sports Officer and a part time player, are all roles I have had in the past. I am honoured and excited to collaborate on a project such as PGKA and I hope my knowledge will help make a positive difference."

Meet My Country >
Donna Forbes
Program Director

Why PGKA? >


"Being involved with the sport of inline hockey as a National Team Player, then a Coach, GM and Board Member for Canada Inline, I am honoured to join the PGKA Team. I am very excited to help grow the game globally, so others can experience the wonderful opportunities inline hockey has given me."

Meet My Country >
Wayne Chow
Commercial Director



"From player to coach to manager.  From design to manufacture to global sales of hockey equipment. I’m here ready to share my knowledge, experience and give back to the game we love. I’m proud to be on the PGKA team."

Meet My Country >
Luke George

Why PGKA? >


It is an honour to be involved in something so special, with such great people. 
I consider myself very lucky to be  a part of the Pama family. I’m excited to see it grow on a global scale.


Meet My Country >


Dominic Browne
East Asia

Why PGKA? >


"Having been involved in inline hockey for 24 years as a player and coach for both Great Britain and Hong Kong, I am honoured and excited to now be part of the PGKA. In my 9 years here I have seen a lot of talent in South East Asia but also lots of potential for growth. I'm looking forward to helping the PGKA further develop inline hockey here, building on the foundations that those before me have put in place and seeing even more players and teams from this region at the top level of inline hockey in the future."

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Central America.png
Luis Pineda
Central America

Why PGKA? >


To belong to an organization like PGKA is a great honour for me. Not only does PGKA have very experience staff, but they provide the tools to do better. Hockey has given me lots and I can’t wait to work alongside PGKA  so that together, we can reach many more and……give back!

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North America.png
Araceli Cardoso

Why PGKA? >


I sincerely want thank the Pama Golden Knights Academy for having the confidence in selecting me as their ambassador in Mexico.
I look forward to bringing and connecting the Mexican hockey community with new opportunities, developing new generations of players.
My experiences paired with the programs of the Pama Golden Knights Academy has to offer, will help players reach their full potential and bring hockey in Mexico to a higher level.
I love what I do and when you work with love, combined with principles and sports ethics; something positive will always come out.

“The best is yet to come.”

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