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Below are the components that make up our brand. While this page will help you get started, all uses must be approved by the PGKA.

Brand Features

Pama Golden Knights Academy Logos


Free space

The PGKA logo must always have a free space without images and text around it. The space has to be 10mm in all directions.

Minimum size

The words "Pama Golden Knights Academy" must always be legible. The minimum size to apply the logo on the print is 1.57 inches / 40 millimeters high.

What not to do with the logo

The Pama Golden Knights logo is a symbol that people recognize. Therefore, it is not allowed to be changed.

Here are some examples of what not to do with the PGKA and Pama Golden Knigths Academy logo.

Not allowed:

  • Change the spacing between the icon and the words.

  • Use colors other than red, "almost black" or white.

  • Choose a different font.

  • Add visual effects like a drop shadow.

  • Change or replace the words.

  • Change the shape of the logo.

  • Use the logo in phrases.

Light Gold


RGB: 216.190.138


Medium Gray


RGB: 97.111.120


Red Eye




Medium Gold


RGB: 178.150.89


Dark Gray


RGB: 47.60.71


Dark Gold


RGB: 124.107.67


"Almost Black"


RGB: 35.31.32


Any use of the Pama Golden Knights Academy brand components, requires special approval and the email must be submitted in English as described above. Send the email by clicking here.

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