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If you were selected for NARCH summer 2024

Our PGKA and Pama Labeda Golden Knights Travel Teams provide a great hockey experience for everyone.

We are founded by the principles of hard work, discipline and having fun!  

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Head Coaches

Our Head Coaches are multi-world and national champions.

Who can play? 

Everyone is welcome.

Each tournament has its own regulations, so roster spots will be filled accordingly. For us, where you are born and how good you are is not important. We are all the same.

Everyone is welcome. 

How much does it cost to play?

Each tournament has its own cost, which varies from registration price to the location where it will be held.
It is mandatory to be registered on our platform.

where we play?

Tournaments are across the globe, make sure you have a valid passport, visa and are fully vaccinated.

What is our goal?

Experiences. Our biggest goal here is to bring people together and make memorable moments.

PGKA (Pama Golden Knights Academy) and Pama Labeda Golden Knights are going on a hockey trip and you are invited.


PGKA and Pama Labeda Golden Knights have a strong belief in creating opportunities for people, regardless of where they are born or the level of hockey they currently play. Our organization uses sport to teach valuable life lessons and we believe this trip will be one to remember. 

Pablo Navarro – CEO of PGKA former Head Coach of Team Canada, current coach Pama Labeda Golden Knights Pro and official Scout of Lindenwood University.

Pablo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this project with an endless amount of connections which will add to the experience.

Dave Hammond – COO of PGKA, current coach Pama Labeda Golden Knights Pro and  Captain of Team Canada.

Dave was born and raised in Orange County. We will be travelling to Dave’s backyard where he grew up playing the sport. We will tap into Dave’s contacts in order to make the experience better.

Rob Chornomud Head Coach of Pama Labeda Golden Knights and USA national team.

NARCh Winter 2024 results:
Men´s Pro - Silver Medal
Women´s Pro - Gold Medal
40 & Over - Gold Medal
Men´s Silver - Silver Medal
21u - Silver Medal
18u - Gold Medal
16u - Gold Medal

Up Coming Tournaments

  • Narch Summer

  • Africa Cup ( coming up soon)

How to sign up

  • Fill the form below

  • Wait for our contact

  • Follow the steps in the email

Any questions?

Fill in the form below. A Whatsapp number is required to create an exclusive group for the trip. It will not be used for advertising.

If for any reason you will not be able to be part of the entire itinerary, please complete the form and click on the last question.

PAMA PLAYER PROFILE on Rsportz is mandatory, if you do not have one please make one by clicking here

Check the games block schedule here

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