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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Score Big

All the pucks are scattered in the neutral zone. Divide players into 2 teams. Each team starts on their blue line. Use one third of rink surface to play. On whistle each team tries to get as many pucks as they can into the other team’s nets. Players are allowed to steal pucks from the other team and out of their own net.

When player takes out a puck of his own net he needs to skate with the puck over the center line, he cannot shoot it from his own zone.

To score a goal the player must be in the offensive zone! Team with the most goals after 3 minutes wins. Repeat e.g. 3 times.

The key points are:

- head up

- good orientation to find pucks and empty lanes

- use stick to steal puck from opponent

- lots of moves to improve skating using a game

- improve quick accurate wrist shots #pamagoldenknightsacademy#pamagoldenknights#pama#labedahockey#powerslide#reignhockey#pgkablog

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