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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Heads up 2on0 in traffic

Updated: Oct 27, 2021


Have 4 static players building a box in the neutral zone. Exchange these players after 1-2 minutes.

Build 4 lines of players and place the pucks as shown.

2 coaches or players on each side of the center line with pucks.

Start with a puck on one side and pass to player starting on the opposite side who goes 1on0. After shot on net quickly skate towards center line and swing for a break out.

Player that started with puck just continues skating after pass towards coach to receive a new puck which is quickly passed to one of the static players. Static player does a quick D to D pass. Then find quick break-out pass to one of the forwards.

The two forwards now go 2on0.

The key points are:

- heads up

- feet always moving

- verbal communication when passing

- tape-to-tape quick passes

- timing for break-out

- find passing lanes in traffic

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