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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Defender in corner


Defender steers opposing player out of the corner towards the center line. After that play a 1on1 with tight GAP.

In case defender is a lefty in the right corner he should hold his stick with both hands and try to steer the puck carrier towards the center line. Stay a little bit behind the offense player but don't let him skate towards your net.

As a lefty in the left corner use one hand on your stick and use your other hand to push the offense player into his back in order to steer him towards the center line.

The key points are:

- defenders use one or two hands on their sticks in the corner depending on the side

- steer the offense player towards the center line away from your net

- keep inside position and don't let the offense player skate towards your own net

- play tight GAP on the 1on1 and play stick against puck

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