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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - 2on1 Trailer Pass

This is a perfect drill for Inline Hockey since this game situation happens a lot with a player following the 2on1 or as well on a 3on2 as a trailer.

Teach your players to always think about this option to pass back to the trailer as well as going on the rush following the puck carrier as a 2nd or 3rd guy.

Start with a pass to the line in front of you for a give and go pass.

A defender will close the gap and play one-on-one. The player that did the give and go pass will act as a trailer in center court and will receive a pass from the puck carrier going wide. Try to score with a high quality shot.

The keypoints are:

  • timing for pass back to the trailer, drive wide and pull the defender on you in order to get a good passing lane to the trailer

  • trailer gets in position with good timing, stick on the floor ready for a quick shot

  • drive to the net after passing back to the trailer and go for a possible rebound

  • defender plays the puck carrier not blocking the pass to the trailer

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