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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - 1on1/2on1/2on2 Rebounds, Screens, Net-front battles


The coach shoots puck towards goalie who deflects it in either corner. One player of each team battles for the loose puck. The battle winner passes to one of his team mates and skates in front of the net for a screen, rebound, tip-in or deflection. The puck receiver times and takes a shoot and then enters the game.

If there is a goal scored the coach spots a new puck.

Whenever the puck is received it must be carried behind the goal line first before an additional player can be activated with a pass. The third player shall not enter the game but only take shoots from the blue line.

Play 45-60 seconds.

The key points are:

- screen and be ready for a deflection or rebound

- battle hard for loose pucks and in front of the net

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