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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Basic Stickhandling Stations

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

This circuit is very focused on stickhandling for beginners:

A Stick-Puck Skills: I We introduce basic one on one play with a backwards pivot. II The players are encouraged to stickhandle in tight to the stationary players, passing their puck under their sticks or through their skates.

B Skating Skills: In the skating skills area, the players are working tight turns with puck control as well as quick stick work.

C 4on4 play...let them play, but encourage the players to move to open space to be available for a pass and to call for a pass if open.

If you have only 2 goalies available you could play the 4on4 with miniature goals or but some targets up in the nets

The key points are: - Work on developing smooth feet and hands #pamagoldenknightsacademy#pamagoldenknights#pama#labedahockey#powerslide#reignhockey#pgkablog

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