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The selection process of players for the Lindenwood University is done entirely by the University without intermediaries.

The process begins with the ACADEMIC approval (CLICK HERE) of the student and later on the application or not of the scholarship according to the technical level of each player.

All approvals and acceptances are EXCLUSIVELY made by the University itself.

In the academic part, the probation comes from its faculty and after approval the student may or may not be chosen by the group of the official coaches.

So what does PGKA in the process?

Firstly, PGKA takes the value of human beings very seriously, so PGKA is focused on helping everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, preferences or origin. Secondly, PGKA coaches Pablo Navarro (Team Canada and Pama Labeda Golden Knights Head Coach), Michael Friedli (Switzerland National Team Head Coach), Dave Hammond (Team Canada and Pama Labeda Golden Knights Assistant Coach) are internationally known coaches and serve as scout for large organizations and in this case one of them is Lindenwood University.

What does a Scout do? The Scout is basically a person used as a reference for a coach, so whether you are Brazilian, Russian or Angolan, you can apply to the University freely and directly to the university. After the academical approval, if the official Lindenwood coaches still need any information, they will ask their scouts to provide complementary information about this player.

The PGKA is an official partner of the University of Lindenwood, but neither the PGKA nor any other entity or person has the power to place players within the university, this placement is made exclusively by the University itself.

Click here and meet some of the approved

Below you can find the official Lindenwood University brochures, and if you need any further information please click here.

If you need any information or support in your local language please see below. 

Americas(North,Central and South America) - English, Spanish or Portuguese - Contact Pablo Navarro

Africa, Asia and Australia - English or Africans - Contact Dave Hammond

Europe - English, German or Romanche - Contact Michael Friedli


Am I eligible?

YES, but there are basic educational requirements to be met.


How do I apply?

Download the pdfs below and carefully read the instructions


How much does it cost?

PGKA does not charge for opening doors, the values ​​vary according to the university itself.




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