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Some reasons why it's worth registering:


-  it is required to be present on the benches of the PGKA and PAMA teams;


- To work within international parameters;


- 24/7 support and access to our head coaches;


- it is required in order to become a coach on PGKA camps;


-  it is required in order for the pgka management to reference you as  a qualified coach.


Just because you’re teaching hockey doesn’t mean your learning stops!

All the most successful coaches in the world continue to study the game of hockey. The only way to improve is to identify your mistakes, accept them, and strive to fix them.

To make sure you’re improving, you should have dedicated study time.

PGKA/PAMA coaches certification  is open to all coaches.

The certification is divided into several levels starting on level 1.

after you be  approved on level 1 you will be able to join the PGKA/PAMA coaches team.

(selection of the coaches depends on several factors.)

the whole process for this first level is done online and your first step is to pay the registration and provide the required information by Clicking here.

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