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If you have been selected to participate in the Pama Golden Knights Academy or Pama LAbeda Golden Knights teams at Narch Summer 2024 you are on the right page.

If this is your first time selected by our coaches, Congratulations and welcome aboard.
If you are already part of our family, welcome back,

we are very happy to have you with us again.

Payment Information

Thank you for your trust, rest assured that we work constantly for you.

joining pgka opens doors!

all the players below started on our free camps and pgka teams and now they play in the highest levels.

Corinna Weimann, Olivia Monjas, Blanca Lopez, Eugenia Pompanin, Lena Reault, Laura Weimann, they play now for Pama Pro Womens and European elite teams;

Keanan Simpson today plays for 3 cantos elite league in Spain;

Amandus Rotcher, Sean Liechti, played for Cittadela, Italia Elite and now in Germany;


Louie Newell, CPLV Spain Elite league and now pro Ice.

Jake Holding, Ferrara hockey Italy elite.

Like them, several others have started their professional careers and for the 2024/2025 season,

the PGKA have spots for new prospects to join Italian and Spanish professional leagues and Pama Labeda golden knights Teams.


Your world has become much bigger!

Please see Below and find the necessary information to make the payment for your participation and uniforms.

Step 1 - make sure the amount of your payment according to the table below. 
Step 2 - Select all sizes related to your uniform.(pgka teams only)
Step 3 - Make payment via Paypal, the payment deadline is April 15th.

Payment Table:

  • Two Jerseys and a pair of pants - $110

  • Two Goalkeeper Jerseys - $110

team fee (one division) - $345

team fee (two divisions) - $540


total for one player on one PGKA team and one uniform - $455

total for one player on two PGKA teams and one uniforms - $650
total for two players on one PGKA team and two uniforms - $910

total for two players on two PGKA teams and two uniforms - $1300

Pama Labeda Golden Knights TEAMs (No uniforms)

total for one player on one Plgk team - $345

total for one player on two Plgk teams - $540
total for two players on one PLGK team - $690

total for two players on two PLGK teams  - $1080

in case of any transfer fees this is your responsibility

if you have any doubts about your amount of payment, please contact Dave Hammond. remember to  reference your payment by providing the player or players names and division in the moment of the transfer.

example: Dave Hammond pgka 30 & PRO

For the PGKA teams, please select your uniforms sizes by clicking here

For payment, please send a PayPal to

How does PayPal Friends And Family work?

  1. Log into the PayPal account.

  2. Select “Send & Request”

  3. Input the recipient's details using either the name, email address or phone number in the “Send money” section.

  4. Choose “Sending to a friend” when prompted.

  5. Enter the payment amount and add a note, if desired.

  6. Click Submit.

    make sure you do not send the amount as payment, this generates fees, we are not responsible for amounts deducted, this is the responsibility of the payer.

For payment, please send a PayPal to


We are always available to help!

WhatsApp: +264 81 593 3514

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