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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Tight Area Races

Depending on number of Goalies / Players available this can be played cross ice as shown on the left or with 2 groups as shown on the right or even 4 groups. The Coach stands in the slot area with pucks.

On whistle, first player in each line executes two tight turns and ends up coming together at the inside cones. When the players come together, the coach spots a puck between the cones. The players race to the puck and play 1 on 1 to score a goal on the net.

Make it a game: Which team scores 5 goals first. You can also give points for winning the race and an additional point for each goal scored.

VARIATION: The skating skills (tight turns 2 variations) can be replaced with a transition skating skill (forward to backward to forward).

The key points are:

- proper tight turns

- battle hard for the puck

- protect the puck against the second player

- Goalie control rebounds

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