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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Three Zone Scrimmage

Divide each team into 3 groups — one per area. Each group must remain in their zone(pylons). The puck is advanced from zone to zone by passing to a teammate in the adjacent area. Upon a turn over the puck goes in the other direction.

Rotate zones after each goal or a certain time e.g. 2 Minutes.

To make it more challenging, offensive team must make one pass within its zone before passing to a teammate in the adjacent zone. Likewise, one pass must be made before being allowed to shoot on goal.

Try to introduce a second puck for more advanced players.

The key points are:

- encourage players to always move and get open for a pass or follow an opponent to prevent a pass to him

- use deceptive moves to get open

- learn to read the play and find perfect timing to become open

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