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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Stop&Score battle

Build 2 teams. 4 players line-up on top of face-off circles. 2 players of each team, 1 player of each team in one face-off circle. On the whistle sprint to the center line and stop then skate back to face-off circle and stop again. The coach dumps a puck somewhere on the center line.

The 4 players rush back and first picks up loose puck and then tries to score. The battle around the net continuous until a goal is scored or the coach whistles.

The team that scores gets a point play till 3 points. After a goal or whistle 4 new players line up on the opposite side and start on their race on the next whistle.

The keypoints are:

proper stopping technique

full stop, no cheating - stop on both sides (players always face the bench while stopping)

battle hard for the loose puck (full speed!)

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