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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Static box passing and 2on0


Two players start from one side criss-crossing and drop pass.

Pass to one of the static players on your side and continue skating around the center face-off circle.

The static player passes to his counter part on the opposite side. Then the pass receiver waits till the forwards get into position before he passes to the one that is the better option (angle, timing).

The forwards go 2on0 to the net. As soon as they criss-cross in the neutral zone the next 2 forwards start on the other end.

Exchange static players after a couple of passes.

Variation: forwards can pass to any of the 4 static players. The static players pass to each other randomly and find good timing to pass to one of the forwards after they have criss-crossed in the neutral zone. Static players try to do tape-to-tape direct

passes only (advanced)

The key points are:

- tape-to-tape passes

- high speed

- keep up speed when turning

- good timing when passing to forward approaching full speed

- score since 2on0 but keep speed up as there was back checkers

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