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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Passing with 2 stationary players

Right side: Players do 1 step out of the corner and pass to the first stationary player who tries to return the pass as quickly as possible. Depending on the skill level ask for direct tape to tape return pass.

Then player does a second pass exchange with the next stationary player before he goes for a shot on the net.

Left side (advanced level): Players do 2-3 steps out of the corner with a puck and than pass to either of the stationary players. The stationary player who receives the pass forwards the puck to the other stationary player tape to tape pass.

Then third pass goes back to player coming from the corner who skates around the stationary player and then takes a shot on the net.

Switch sides after approx. 4 minutes and change stationary players every 1-2 minutes.

The key points are:

- sticks on the floor, be ready for the pass

- quick passes keep pucks on the floor

- try to keep feet moving while passing and receiving the puck

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