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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - High tempo 2on2 both nets (Small area game)

A fast paced 2on2 game that allows forwards to attack either net to score while the defense works to defend both goals. Defense can score a point by stripping the puck and making 3 or 4 consecutive passes in a row. The coach keeps track of the score and alternates forwards and defensemen after approx. 40-50 seconds. In case the defensemen manage 3 or 4 passes to each other in a row everybody changes and 2 fresh players of each team get ready for a new puck.

Always get in position after a change in the center of the area whereas teams alternating offense/ defense every time.

The key points are:

  • communication is a must to be successful

  • all players are encouraged to keep their heads up to read and play and jump to open space

  • forwards should use deception and change of direction quickly in order to transition to the other net

  • forwards protect the puck and use tight turns

Variations: smaller or bigger space, play 3on3

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