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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Basic tire drills - Full circles

Place 5 cones/tires on each side and split the players into the 2 corners. Players in both corners start simultaneously with a puck. On one side do full circles forwards and on the other side do inside out forwards / backwards / forwards circles. Then give and go pass with a coach or player before taking a shot on the net. Create a competition: Make two teams. Let them race on the whistle. The next player in line starts once his team mate took a shot or passed to the coach. The team that wins the race gets 5 points and 1 point for each goal scored. Losing a puck or running into a tire is minus 1 point.

The key points are:

- Puck control around tires

- Protect puck around tires

- Hands away from the body

- Smooth transitions forwards/backwards #pamagoldenknightsacademy#pamagoldenknights#pama#labedahockey#powerslide#reignhockey#pgkablog

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