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PGKA Coach´s Corner- Basic Angeling

For the first basic angeling drill place two groups of players on each side at the center line.

On the whistle the player at the boards starts with a puck along the boards and the red player tries to angle him into the wall. Start with 3/4 speed and build up to game speed. The puck carrier may not cut inside before the imaginary blue line.

After a few repetitions allow the puck carrier to cut inside if the angeling is not done properly. The player who is in puck possion at the top of the face-off  circle gets a scoring chance.

The keypoints for the player without the puck are:

  • Try to get your shoulder inside the puck carriers outside shoulder and steer him into the wall;

  • Keep the puck carrier outside and do not allow him to cut inside;

  • Keep your stick on the floor and ahead of the puck carrier;

  • Put your stick on the puck as you make contact with the puck carrier;

  • Do not body check but angeling with body contact.

In this second angeling drill player 1 leaves on the whistle and sprints around the circle to pick up a spotted puck and passes it to player 2 at the imaginary blue line.

The player receiving the pass tries to go to the net while the player that passed the puck tries to steer him towards the boards.

If the steering player strips the puck from the puck carrier he gets to attack the net.

The keypoints here are:

  • - Good angeling technique and timing

  • - Attacker uses his body to pretect the puck and drive to the net

  • - Defender has an active stick and tries to make body contact (no check) while having stick on puck

In this third angeling situation drill have two groups of forecheckers in the center face-off circle with a bunch of pucks.

One forechecker on each side starts the drill with a shot on the net.

At the same time a player starts in the corner without a puck skating backwards.

The second player in the  line passes a puck to him and after receiving the pass pivot to forward and take a shot on the net. Immediately after the shot a second puck is received out of the corner.

Now skate with that puck behind the net and try to get past the forchecker and take a shot on the net on the other side.

The forechecker starts to steer the player going behind the net to the outside in order to prevent the player to cut inside to the middle of the rink. Who ever got the puck at the center line goes for a shot on the net.

The keypoints are:

  • - Forechecker finds proper timing and is at the first post when the puck carrier behind the net is at the second post

  • - The forechecker should be a little bit behind the puck carrier oin order to prevent him from cutting to the middle

  • - As a lefty forechecker hold your stick in both hands when steering to the right wheras when steering to the left hold your stick

  •  with your top hand only and vise versa for a right

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