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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - Attacking patterns

The red forwards break out, after shooting a puck behind the goal line. One of the two defenders picks up the puck and does a break out pass. The last player receiving the pass after the center line goes in 1on0. The other two forwards swing and get a new puck from the coach to play a 2on2.

The 1on0 shooter rushes back and receives a new puck from the coach. Now play a 3on2 together with the other two forwards.

The key points are:

- Quick transitions

- Timing for a pass to forwards to initiate the 3on2

- Forwards get open and defenders get into defense position quickly on the 3on2

- Verbal communication among the players is key #pamagoldenknightsacademy#pamagoldenknights#pama#labedahockey#powerslide#reignhockey#pgkablog

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