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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - 3 players maintaining 2 Pucks simultaneously

This is a timing, heads up drill. 3 players start with 2 pucks and pass these 2 pucks to each other maintaining the same sequence. This means you always pass to the same partner and you receive the puck from the other of the two partners.

Go one length of the rink and then take the 2 shots on the net. More advanced players can turn around and comeback to take 2 shots on the net the started from.

The keypoints are:

  • timing is key - communication among the 3 players is important

  • try to skate different paths also switching lanes, cut accross or behind etc.

  • shoot after each other and give the goalie a little bit of time to recover from the 1st shot

  • more advanced players can go faster and do more changes of directions etc.

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