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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - 2on2/3on2/3on3 (Small area game)

This small area game is started by the coach dropping a puck and 2 players of each team race for the loose puck. The team that wins the puck can pass it to one of its players waiting in line who then jumps into the play for a 3on2.

As long as the team is in possession of the puck it plays with a one-man advantage. When the short-handed team gains puck possession they can also pass it to one of there players waiting in line. After receiving the puck the game continuous with a 3on3.

Change all players after 30-50 seconds and start with a new puck.

The key points are:

  • quick passes and shots

  • demand high tempo

  • play physical with heads up

  • be ready to screen, deflect the puck in front of the net

Variations: scoring only allowed with one-timers, quick release shots or deflection

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