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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - 2on1 knock out (Small area game)

First, the concept of this drill can be used in many different areas of the court.

Secondly, it forces players to think 2 on 1's in tight spaces.

Third, it includes a competitive aspect by rewarding the players who are successful.

Create a square area (pylons) with the players in two lines well outside the boxed area. Two offensive players and one defensive player go into to the playing area. Players should take turns playing offense and defense.

The coach starts the drill by passing a puck to one of the offensive players. The players will play 2 vs 1 inside the playing area.

The goal of the offensive players is to make 3 (or another number specified by the coach) consecutive passes. If they succeed then the player with the puck chooses a net to shoot at while the other offensive player looks for a pass from the coach and takes a shot on the other net.

If the defensive player knocks the puck out of the playing area twice he gets a pass from coach and takes a shot on either net.

The key points are:

  • Offensive players have to move without the puck.

  • Offensive players need to protect the puck until they can make a play and then expose the puck to make a pass.

  • Defensive players are most successful with active sticks and stop and starts. There really are no short cuts!

  • Have offensive players thinking "Pass & Move".

  • Give & goes are very successful in this game.


  • Create a smaller "playing area" to make it tougher on the offense

  • Vary the number of passes required for the offensive players

  • Eventually, make the game 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 2

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