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PGKA - Coach´s Corner - 1on1 regroup

Work on your 1on1 defense skills, skating, turning, change from backward to forward, maintain close GAP, stick to puck. 1 offense, 1 defense player line up at the face-off circle. On the whistle start to play 1on1.

On 2nd whistle forward needs to turn and start a new 1on1.

Coach can whistle 2-3 times to make the forward turn around and start over. The defender tries to maintain a tight GAP and stay inside.

Players play both defense and offense (switch positions).

The key points are:

- good turns, quick feet

- smooth transition from backward to forward skating

- step up and keep the GAP tight

- stay inside

- low position, do not watch the puck

- play stick on puck #pamagoldenknightsacademy#pamagoldenknights#pama#labedahockey#powerslide#reignhockey#pgkablog

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