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Ice & inline

Why host?

  • To have world champion coaches in your rink;

  • To have a world champion players in your rink;

  • To have your rink seen all over social media;

  • To increase the level of  play in your local league;

  • To have an official World Skate camp;

  • To access our reduced bulk sales price list;

  • much more...

A quick 1st step!

As described below, send an email.

With a good eyes!

We carefully analyze all of the requests .

You are not alone!

We will work together on the publicity.

We make it easy!

We take care of the online registrations.

Be seen!

Get your rink full of players and spectators.

And now!

Gain the benefits.

Please take the time and carefully read the instructions below.

Please send us an email to with the subject:

"Host a PGKA Free Camp", with the following information;

  1. Are you looking for host an inline or an ice hockey camp? 

  2. Is your rink indoor?

  3. Please provide a full address of where your rink is located.

  4. For inline hockey, what is the type of the floor? (sportcourt, wood, concrete)

  5. What month would be the best time of the year to have a camp? (first choice, second choice, third choice)

  6. Are you donating your rink time? If not, how much is rental per hour? 

  7. Are you in a good relations with your national federation? If Yes, provide the name and contact of the national federation responsible.

  8. Do you understand this camps are free and open to eveyone?

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