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Make sure you check our FAQ down bellow.

  • 1- What is Pama Golden Knights Hockey Academy?
    Pama Golden Knights Academy, formerly known as Rango Pro Camps, was founded in 2020 by the Brazilian player and coach, Pablo Navarro. ​ PGKA was born out of the value of family, taking a stand against racism and focusing on social inclusion through sport. ​ With the support of our sponsors and a team made up of people who love the sport and others, PGKA takes hockey to all parts of the world for free.
  • 2- Why are Pama Golden Knights Hockey Academy camps free?
    Because our sponsors want to give back to the hockey community all the support given over the years.
  • 3- What should the host pay?
    Absolutely nothing, completely free.
  • 4- What should the federations, associations and teams pay?"
    Absolutely nothing, completely free.
  • 5- What should the players pay?
    Absolutely nothing, completely free.
  • 6- Who is behind the organization of Pama Golden Knights Hockey Academy?
    Pablo Navarro 42 years old with 38 years dedicated to hockey, ex professional player, Pan American medalist and world champion as coach. Pablo has worked with social hockey projects for over 20 years and is a co-founder of numerous teams in Brazil, Colombia and different parts of the world. Please chek the whole PGKA Staff in this link
  • 8- How can i bring the camps to my place of residence?
    Get in touch, answer some questions and if the location is within the profile we seek, we will organize everything.
  • 9- If I don't have equipment can I participate?
    The practice of hockey requires protective equipment, but do not be discouraged, contact us and we will try to help you.
  • 10- By participating in the Pama Golden Knights Hockey Camp, do I have a chance to become a professional team player?"
    All our teams are under the command of trainer Robert Chornomud, he is the one who chooses the athletes for each division. But for sure looking for evolution you are already on the right path.
  • 11 - what are the requirements for me to register?
    1- respect the age limit. 2- Use complete protective equipment. 3- register online, online registration is the only way to guarantee your spot.

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